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Perkins Coie is committed to doing our part to help end racism and create a more just and equal society.

We have launched PC Edge to support Black and Latinx founders and entrepreneurs to achieve greater access to capital through networking opportunities, educational resources, and seminars.

Perkins Coie offers exclusive online and in-person classes and workshops.

Subject matters include:

  • Governance and risk
  • Finance and investor relations
  • Employment and “equity incentives”
  • Data Privacy
  • Go to Market Strategies
  • Preparation for a liquidity event
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We have pre-identified certain pipeline and coaching/mentoring partners, which will be expanded to include institutional technology and other clients on a rotational basis.


Level One

  • Dedicated client service team
  • Access to a curated library of content
  • Perkins Coie Start Up & Investor Services

Eligibility Criteria

  • Emerging companies with Black or Latinx founder, C-Suite member, or director
  • U.S. based
  • Technology companies in any industry sector

Level Two

  • Level One Support
  • Initial cohort of approximately 8 to 10 companies
  • Access to a curated library of content
  • Perkins Coie partner sponsor
  • 1:1 Coaching/Mentoring
  • Help identify relevant sources of capital and, where appropriate, make introductions to interested investors
  • Networking opportunities with investors, ecosystem influencers, and other entrepreneurs

Eligibility Criteria

  • Level One Eligibility Criteria
  • Attracted financing
  • Established a critical mass of customers/users
  • Onboarded experienced C-level talent
  • Signed engagement letter with Perkins Coie


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Our Team



Genhi Givings Bailey
Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer based in Chicago

George Colindres
Emerging Companies & Venture Capital Partner based in Los Angeles

Paul Ford
Emerging Companies & Venture Capital Associate based in San Francisco

Troy Foster
Emerging Companies & Venture Capital Partner and Firmwide Co-Chair based in Silicon Valley