XR Industry Insider 2021 AR/VR/XR Survey Results

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XR Industry Insider 2021 AR/VR/XR Survey Results

Industry leaders weigh in on the future of AR/VR/XR

Perkins Coie and XR Association survey of over 160 professionals found that immersive technology’s prospects have been strengthened by the pandemic. The findings from startups, enterprise technology firms, consultants, and investors gathered their insights on the trajectory of the immersive technology industry. The results reflected that the use of virtual environments drastically increased in the past year and consumers are more comfortable with online and virtual experiences after living and working on Zoom. In addition, respondents are confident that the post-pandemic world will include even more use of immersive technology.

This year’s survey includes two exciting companion pieces, coming soon. The first is an XR experience created by industry partner Reflective Brands, showcasing some of the key findings from the survey. The second is an immersive interview with Perkins Coie’s Interactive Entertainment Practice chair, Kirk Soderquist, using StoryFile, an immersive video platform and firm client.


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