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Got deal flow?

Deal flow is the lifeblood of angel investing. We created the Perkins Coie Angel Network to assist our seed-stage clients access a broad angel community. Our proprietary network allows us to efficiently profile active angel investors seeking startup deal flow. We leverage the network to provide our startup clients with the access and resources needed to grow their company.

The Process

  1. Profile. Qualified angel investors complete a short profile form to identify their deal preferences: stage, industry, geography, investment size and level of involvement. The process is web-based and takes only a few minutes to complete.
  2. Identify. Perkins Coie’s Startup and Investor Services team uses this profile data to better understand investor preferences and identify potential client synergies.
  3. Connect. When we identify a match, our team reaches out to gauge interest. Rest assured, we will only make introductions after an investor indicates interest.

It’s that simple!

Profile Security and Privacy

Angel investor profiles live securely in our database and are only accessible by our team. To preserve your anonymity, profile data is not visible to our startup clients or the other angels.

Joining the Perkins Coie Angel Network

If you are an accredited angel investor interested in extending your access to high-quality, pre-screened deal flow, please join us in developing the next generation of innovative companies. You can create your profile at the link below:

Perkins Coie Angel Network

Click Here to Create Your Profile