Sketchnoting: Seed Investments at Perkins Coie

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Sketchnoting: Seed Investments at Perkins Coie

In order to grow your business, surround yourself with like minded people and take advantage of every opportunity to learn more about entrepreneurship.

Check out this sketchnote by Samihah Azim, an attendee at one of our events, “Seed Investments: How To Be Attractive to Early Stage Investors and the ‘Right’ Seed Investment Structure For You,” held on April 4th at Perkins Coie’s Palo Alto office.

You’ve Got VC Money: The Punchlist

As outside counsel to thousands of VC-backed startups, we are often asked the same questions about what startups need to do after raising their first round of VC financing. Here is a quick and dirty list of those next steps. The action items below are described in…

You’ve Got VC Money: Board Meetings

Board meetings are your opportunity to check in with and give an update to your bosses and get feedback and guidance from the experienced members of your board. It is common for VC-backed startups to have four to six board meetings per year, though this frequency can…

You’ve Got VC Money: Board vs Stockholder Approval

While your financing agreements might have other requirements, below is a nonexhaustive list of the types of corporate decisions that typically require board and/or stockholder approval: Board Approval Is Required to: Stockholder Approval Is Required to: Amend the charter or bylaws. Approve significant corporate transactions (e.g., sale…